Brand+ve is a way for organisations to create a positive media footprint, and to connect with our audience

Chaaipani knows that branded content done right should be just as impactful as editorial — sometimes even more.

Our in-house team, Chaaipani Creatives, staffs best-in-class editors, producers, and strategists with unique expertise in delivering powerful messages to our influential social audience

How do we do it?

We work directly with organisations and brands to focus on subjects that are important to them AND what our community cares about.

Chaaipani tells stories with empathy, helping our influencer-heavy audience connect with big topics and take substantial actions.

Disclaimer: Brand+ve partners have no editorial influence upon Chaaipani’s content, except in the case of individual pieces of branded content, which are created by Chaaipani journalists to a brief agreed with the sponsoring brand. We only partner with organisations that inspire us through their positive impact, and we do not offer traditional advertising.