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Dear Kim Kardashian, I Cannot Suppress My Outrage Anymore

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Dear Kim,

What the f*#k, yaar?!

Why would you advertise something as ridiculous as ‘appetite suppressant’ lollipops! Posting a picture of yourself seductively sucking this lollipop and asking fans to buy these ‘literally unreal’ appetite suppressants from Flat Tummy Co? I mean, what is wrong with you? Do you even realize that you have a massive following of 111 million on Instagram out of which so many are young impressionable girls? They look up to you, follow you religiously and actually love you! What kind of a role model are you? You took it too far this time when you decided to promote this awful product which is actually so bad for the health, confidence and body image of so many women.

You know the amount of pressure we already feel to look a certain way, dress a certain way and everybody knows there is no end to this. We are never happy or fully satisfied. Social media has had such a negative impact on all of us. The mirror will always show us some flaw or the other. You are a woman and I am assuming you will understand what I am saying. Then, why? As women shouldn’t we be helping each other out to love ourselves the way we are? Who is going to come and do it for us if not ourselves?

Suppressing hunger? Is that even a healthy thing to do? You do know that it’s the worst thing that you could do to your body. Kim, it’s a very simple biological process which I don’t think you are aware of. It’s okay. I’ll explain. Feeling hungry is our body’s way of communicating to us that we need energy and nutrition which can only be provided by FOOD. So, instead of asking people to eat appetite suppressants, you should ask them to eat healthily and in fact, promote other healthy eating habits like eating portions of food every two hours. What message are you giving to your fans out there? Appetite suppressants trick your brain into feeling full which is basically messing around with your body’s normal functioning. Also, being on such rubbish for a long time can cause binging, overeating and even malnutrition.

On top of that, you know what shocked me the most? The lollipops that you are advertising have no definite proof that they are not harmful! The product description on the website of Flat Tummy Co only reads that it is made up of a ‘clinically’ proven safe natural ingredient called ‘Satiereal’ which helps control hunger and weight. I guess the rest is up to us, to unravel the mystery of this magical lollipop. Did you actually inquire about the product yourself before you actually decided to promote it to your 111 million fan base! These supplements aren’t even regulated by Food and Drug Administration. 

Eating these lollipops means high chances of developing an eating disorder. 70 million people across the globe suffer from eating disorders. Kim, 20 million women in your own country suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lives. 20 million!

A few days back, I saw that you had taken down the post. I was happy that the anger and disappointment that people expressed had actually made a difference. But, no! I later read that the post was actually taken down by Instagram by mistake. *disappointed* Oh well, the post is back up!

Kim, you have the power of influence. The power to get people to buy things, start trends and change things! In fact, I read that you are also being honoured with the Influencer Award by The Council of Fashion Designers of America. Then, why not use your influence for better positive things? And if you can’t do that then at least don’t advertise such stuff. Because it genuinely destroys the efforts of people out there who are trying to bring a change. You make the concepts body positivity, love yourself and stay healthy look all useless and stupid.

You know it takes a click to order stuff these days! It’s so easy and nobody really regulates who orders what. Just imagine, young girls, ordering these lollipops and eating them without any regulation or supervision. Will you take up the responsibility if they develop eating disorders or starve themselves or develop psychological issues or just become under confident women in life? Will you? I don’t think so.

Think about it, Kim.


Body- positive, shamer-negative woman.

This article is written and published by Malvika Madhan. Due to some error on the website, we haven’t been able to name the right author in author profile section. 


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