Gujarat chooses renewable energy development. Drops 4000 Megawatt coal power project.

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Renewable energy, global warming, climate change, perishing fossil fuels, could just be a set of made up words? And hence, Paris climate summit could have been two things, people coming together to a greet & meet or they are actually worried about the ice poles melting.

I support the second rationale. Somewhere, the leader of a country is laughing.

Getting back to the matter at hand. The state of Gujarat as an amazing electricity supply which even the capital of the country envies. According to CM, Vijay Rupani, the state has surplus power so he dropped a 4000-Megawatt(MW) Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP).

In a move indicative of India’s push towards clean energy, Gujarat has dropped a proposal for setting up a 4,000-Megawatt (MW) coal-based power project.

Current Capacity: 30,000 Mw

Average Power Consumption: 12,000 Mw

Power Consumption at Peak in Summers: 16,000 Mw

With these facts in mind, the Gujarat government doesn’t feel the need to set up another UMPP. The government wants to promote the consumption of Solar/renewable energy generated electricity. Currently it holds capacity to generate 1,200 Mw of renewable power.

By taking this step the state will avoid a spend of 20,000 crore investment. The state which housed the first UMPP, was to set up another in Gir Somnath to be better equipped for import of coal.

So the Paris agreement dictated that 40% of power consumption should come from renewable sources. India however, plans to overcome that target 3 years ahead of schedule with not 40% but 57% source of energy generated from renewable means.

India plans to have the capacity to generate 175 gigawatts of power from biomass, solar, and wind energy by 2022 and 275 gigawatts by 2027.

India will become 3rd-largest solar market

As of March 2017, India has already installed 12.2 gw of utility-scale solar power, a reported by Solar India Handbook 2017. It also said that 79 gigawatt solar capacity is to be added globally by 2017 and Asian countries are dominating the space leaving Europe behind.

Also, please find the movie, Before The Flood, by National Geographic. A must watch if you haven’t about climate change with Leonardo Di Caprio as our host.

Courtesy: Business Standard.

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