Shrruti Singh uses handwriting analysis to make a difference in people’s lives

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When was the last time you gave a thought about your handwriting? Was it that cursive writing or SUPW class in school?  Did you ever think handwriting could be a life changer? Shrruti believes it can.

Handwriting is known to be a powerful tool to understanding one’s own self in terms of personality, strengths, weaknesses, motivation, ego, intellect, communication, interpersonal style, aggression, self-castigation, depression, suicidal tendencies, abuse, and trauma. It also is suggestive if one wants to use it while hiring people, especially hiring the leadership staff to obtain a suggestive understanding of their reliability, integrity, confidence, energy, adaptability, stress factor, perseverance, conscientiousness, and people orientation.

Handwriting analysis

Born in a small town Dhanbad, Shrruti had a dream to be successful at whatever she chose. Not everyone knows what to do with their life in their teens. After completing her graduation from Meerut she worked in Bangalore for nine years and then moved to Delhi in 2012.

Shrruti has around seventeen years of experience as a graphologist and coach. She is one of the first Indians to have founded of India’s handwriting research library, to publish a newsletter on handwriting analysis Mind Script, and to host a radio show on Handwriting Analysis (Radio Noida). She has been recognized at the international level, and recently her articles on handwriting analysis were translated in Spanish. She has conducted handwriting analysis at numerous institutions including GCI-Bangalore, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, IIT-Kharagpur, IIM-Bangalore, DPS-Bangalore, Alp Public School-Bangalore, Pearson Education-Noida.

Handwriting analysis

When she was young, her father got transferred to Lucknow during which she had to live with her cousins and uncles. She felt lonely without her parents and siblings around. She started showing symptoms of anxiety and depression and was devastated. That is when reading books came to her as solace. During one of her book ransacking spree, she discovered a very old book on handwriting analysis lying vainly under a pile of books in her father’s garage. The book caught her attention, and she was intrigued enough to start analyzing own handwriting. In high school and graduation, she used her skills in handwriting analysis to impress her classmates and people in her surroundings. That gave her quite the confidence to come out of a low life.

Although the numbers of people in India who are interested in getting their handwriting analyzed are gradually growing it is yet to become a mass market. The handwriting analysts are also burgeoning, but we need to focus on the quality of analysis provided rather than mere growth in the number of service providers. In India, not many people know and use handwriting analysis as a tool to understand people when compared to the European and US counterparts.

Although she has clients who are directors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, most of her clients are women who are into mindful living. They find a lot of value in my work. She is also into counseling children. There are a few intense cases that she has worked on have been to reduce child abuse trauma, and few distressing cases of life partner compatibility.

“India does not have many credible sources to learn handwriting analysis and that has been one of the biggest challenges for me to hone my skills.” says Shrruti.

Initially, handwriting analysis was a passion, and her friends would always be encouraging of her. Once she started doing it regularly in her circles, it occurred to her that she should take it up professionally. Not everything became hunky-dory, the work she is doing now came to her at a dear cost. She got married into a dominating family, where the in-laws did not want her to work. Her dream to have her own handwriting library was at stake. Initially, like every woman, she tried to save her marriage due to societal norms and pressure but eventually, things got worse and she filed for a divorce. In no way, such hardships in life have held her back from what she wants to achieve.

She extensively uses handwriting therapy and coaching to help people achieve success in their lives. Among other things, she has been part of various campaigns such as Acid Attack Survivors, cancer awareness, giving time to HIV Positive children at Deepti Foundation and orphan kids at Bal Sahyog. She has been the recipient of several women achiever’s award for her social impact also makes her stand away from the crowd.

She feels Indian market is not mature, they don’t understand its importance, and neither want to pay for such services. According to her, only a few people in India value such work. In general, people prefer spending money on branded accessories and clothing rather than something that can help build their core strengthens.

‘It is an unconventional art, and one had to be wise enough to use for the benefit of the society.’ she adds.

At the organizational level, handwriting analysis can help identify areas of potential conflict and areas of compatibility between a line manager and subordinates, with clients, vendors in the company. Handwriting analysis would also help identify how members of a team would function together; who are the thinkers, who are the doers, who are the coasters and detailed strengths and weaknesses. It can help indicate resilience levels towards stressful situations, levels of reliability; it can help in gauging people versus process orientation. It might even suggest if there any signs of substance abuse or anger issues.  Handwriting could be suggestive of many aspects of personality and traits. She is also into relationship analysis through handwriting of couples or business partners.

Currently, she has taken up handwriting analyst and coach as a full-time career. As a handwriting coach, she wishes to work with children, and help them write for their better future. She is currently focusing on research in this area so that she can make a better case for people to understand its significance, and put this powerful tool to use. She currently lives in Delhi, working on her radio shows, and plans to restart her newsletter.

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Madhu is a contributer to Chaaipani. If you have a passion for telling stories, you can also get published. To start writing, log in to your account, and we'll pay you to write happy, inspiring stories.

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