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5 Modern Day Indian Poets That You Must Follow On Instagram!

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The way they look at the world is fascinating. If the insides of their heads were a place, it would be beautiful. They do not only write about love. But they will make you think differently, inspire you to be a better person, and motivate you enough to find your true passion and start working on it. They are rebellious, they are inspiring, and they are Indians! If you think poetry is dead, well, then these young and talented poets will make you think otherwise.

I personally am in complete awe of each one of them and would suggest you read their poetry before you agree with me. Their words will stir your soul and their attitude to never allow anyone let them or their art down is applaud worthy.

So, here they are, five young poets from India, who are making the whole world fall in love with their words!

Vinati Bhola (writingsofvinati)

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A lawyer by profession, Vinati, is a perfect example of beauty with brains. It’s amazing how wisely she chooses her words before she weaves them into poetry. No wonder her followers admire her work so much. I have only one word to describe her art, and that’s magic. She has a massive following of more than 16k followers on Instagram and she seems to be unstoppable!

Her work has already been published in various Indian and international anthologies, and she has also collaborated with platforms like Terribly Tiny Tales and Scribbled Stories.  She hopes to publish her own book someday.

Megha Rao (_megharao)

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Her writings have the ability to blow away your mind! She is a rebel and her art is a tool to express who she is. Her poetry and prose will make you question the rigid norms of patriarchal society. Her words will remind you why women are divine. Her pieces supporting feminism will tell you why empowering women is the most important thing to do in this mad world. Her work will many a time, make you want to stand up and defend the honor of every person who had to go through miserable times at the cost of somebody else’s idea of fun.

She is half woman and half wolf, and it shows well in her writings. Megha also loves to travel and paint. She has already written a few books and her work has been featured by platforms like Terribly Tiny Tales and ThoughtCatalog. She is currently pursuing her post graduation in English at the University of Nottingham.

Khawaja Musadiq (poetofblues)

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Yet another brilliant poet on Instagram who goes by the pseudonym KM. Before he had started his own handle, he was told by many people that his writings were mediocre, but he always believed in himself and his work.

He went on sharing his work on Instagram and other social media platforms and his poems instantly clicked with people. Today MK’s handle has amassed more than 10k followers on Instagram and his verses truly have the potential to make you fall in love with the art of poetry. His work is also featured by the likes of Vagabomb, even though, when he started writing, his work was returned by many storytelling platforms. Talk about determination and willpower, eh?

He is currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore and hopes to be as passionate about poetry for the rest of life, as he is today.

Pratishtha Khattar (_paradoxandmetaphors_)

Pratishtha has put quite a lot of thought into choosing a name for her Instagram handle. She explains that it’s paradox because there are always contrasting sides to life and they may both be justified, and metaphors because everything can be viewed with a lens which adds more meaning and significance to it.  Quite a thought, isn’t it?

Pratishtha started this handle create a certain sense of greater freedom and her poetry explains how she looks at life. She has more than 30k followers and her poetry is based on her observations and experiences that life brings to her. With established poets like J M Storm and Christopher Poindexter following her handle, Pratishtha’s work is definitely worth a read. Pratishtha has completed her graduation in Business Studies from DU and is currently working in a consultancy firm.

Medha Sharma (aperpetualparadox)

With a following of more than 22k people on Instagram, Medha is known for expressing her feelings in minimum words. She started her Instagram handle to vent out her feelings but now she just can’t go without writing for more than a few days. Her work will inspire you to get over tough times that life throws at you, and turn it all into your superpower. Medha is currently busy preparing for her medical entrance and hopes to continue writing good poetry for along with her medical career.

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Yashi Srivastava

Yashi is a contributer to Chaaipani. If you have a passion for telling stories, you can also get published. To start writing, log in to your account, and we'll pay you to write happy, inspiring stories.

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