Month: December 2016

Story of a 21-year-old and how he braved depression and made it a stepping stone for others

What you see on the surface is a restless, confused child but dig a little deeper and you will find a young man hungry for knowledge and zealous to bring about a change. That is Ayush Jaiswal for you.

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Green-tinted glass: What can India learn from Iceland’s clean vision?

Through sustainable farming, business and innovation, Iceland has the potential to become a completely sustainable nation from which others can learn.

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The men behind PeeBuddy are now taking on other ‘girly’ problems one by one

If I had a rupee for every time I have suffered bladder pains because of not being able to use a public toilet, I would have been able to afford my own minivan with a loo in it.

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Meet Boniface Prabhu, Pioneer Of Wheel Chair Tennis In India

Start a conversation about the inclusion of differently-abled with Disabilities Inclusion Act that replaced the 1993’s Disabilities Services Act, and there have been amazing efforts by people and organizations alike.

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Would you join us to support the Yoddha who empowered many to give a befitting fight against cancer?

A 28-year-old Rahul, was about to embark on a new journey in a new home, a new job in Societe Generale in Bangalore after a stint at HCL, with his wife stepping into new married life.

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In the middle of shiny funding news, this entrepreneur addresses the elephant in the room – depression

“My mother would come to my room to give me food and water, almost every day for several months. I wouldn’t even get up to wash my hands..

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Meet some innovative startups that presented at World Startup Expo – Bengaluru

Young minds nurturing ideas, the ideas taking shape, investors funding the companies, a success story born again.  Sounds familiar?

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The psychology of nature conservation

“If humanity is to reverse the abuse of Earth, people’s relationship with nature must be framed in a more optimistic manner.”

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Jayalalithaa – A woman who nurtured a permanent love-affair with adversity, but nothing stopping her

I fail to recall a numbness as halting as this. A roster of the tallest icons of this age have risen and lapsed in my lifetime.

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