Month: January 2017

Abandoned by her husband, this woman didn’t give a damn and is now raising her kids like a boss!

“They did no wrong. Hence, they didn’t deserve any of it. I was devastated but I had to fight for them. The lady whom I worked for at that point helped me a lot. I filed a divorce against him after few months”

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Battling with cancer, yet splashing colours of joy across Mumbai, here’s Kartikey Sharma for you

I want to get better, lead a normal healthy life, travel, and paint. For starters, I will paint an old ambassador that’s been lying unused at my friend’s place in Pune as soon as I’m better. I usually don’t plan that far ahead. I believe in preparing the knife rather than dream to carve, but my health has made me reconsider.

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These wonderful women are tipping and how!

“The feeling that people experience when standing on the edge of a ledge isn’t the fear of falling, its the fear that they might jump.” ~Paul Bettany, Margin Call

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Of pocket phone book and making a mark in Indian television & film industry – Harsh Chhaya’s story

“You know, we used to get this small diary in locals which would have phone numbers of some connected people in the Bollywood, who would connect one to more. At least that’s what the cover page said. So I bought it. Kaam kese dhundta warna?”

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13 year old from a shelter home shares what it takes to stay happy. And it’s pretty simple!

A 13-year-old Harshul from a shelter home in Delhi has every reason to be disheartened but she is teaching everyone around her the power of positivity

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Block your calendar Bangalore, these Under 25 geniuses are coming to the city!

Bringing together a charismatic bunch of speakers from across the country, the Under 25 Summit is India’s largest youth festival. In its three years of existence, Under 25 club has created an interactive platform of its own kind and has attracted some of the best performers from across the country.

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