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The First Bicycle Mayor of India. Mission to Involve One-third population to commute using cycles!

So when Nikita Lalwani told me she was appointed the Bicycle Mayor of Vadodara (the first and only city mayor from India) by Cycle Space’s Bicycle Mayor Program to attend the first bicycle mayor conference Netherlands, I was all up to help her get there, for these people will inspire the next billion people to pick up cycle around the globe.

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France. Michigan. India. The Ban wave of plastic. Ban on Ban of Plastic.

32% of seventy eight million tons of plastic packaging finds it’s way into the oceans. According to Science Journal, India is 12th largest in 20 countries who annually dump a total 83% of total 8.8 million tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans.

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Gujarat chooses renewable energy development. Drops 4000 Megawatt coal power project.

With these facts in mind, the Gujarat government doesn’t feel the need to set up another UMPP. The government wants to promote the consumption of Solar/renewable energy generated electricity. Currently it holds capacity to generate 1,200 Mw of renewable power.

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Entrepreneur-mother of two daughters speaks about shift from toxic to safe Motherhood | Mother’s Day

Exercise, go to the gym. You can even do smaller activities like walking, cooking, the idea is to spare some time just doing just for you.

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Single handedly built a forest in Uttarakhand this man also gave a solution to fight climate change at the basic level

I urge the everyone, especially the younger generation to take the matter into their own hands and start working towards this. Although rally, seminars, and speeches seem a good way to encourage others, but the real work begins with your action.

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Here’s are some of our champions that we featured on Chaaipani, who’re here to answer your ‘how’ of change.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” ~Joanne Kathleen Rowling

Trust a child’s innocence to embarrass you for your misgivings. But their mind questions something, when there is an anomaly they can question. Keeping that in mind, this year Earth Day Network has started an Environment and Climate Literacy Campaign, which is to ensure that by the year 2020, each and every student from Kindergarten to grade 12, graduates an environment and climate literate citizen.

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Serial entrepreneur tells us what it takes to build businesses and about his venture to keep you safe

Here’s Vikas Bagaria, a serial entrepreneur who realized about diluted outlook on safety in India and his journey of building business enterprises!

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The young man and the sea | Abhilash Tomy | National Maritime Day

Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy, took an expedition to travel the globe alone sailing through the oceans as a seafarer. We spoke to him to ask him about the lessons he learned from the vast sea to honor the National Maritime Day!

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This modern day Shravan provides tiffins to 180 abandoned elderly in Mumbai

“I still do not get how kids cannot serve their own parents, who nurtured them to make them independent, a part of the bread they earn, in the hour of need.”
~Dr. Uday Modi

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On International Women’s Day, we bring you stories 5 inspiring women who didn’t settle and are writing their own life stories!

At Chaaipani, we have had the pleasure to meet and write about some amazing women in the past couple of years. So this women’s day I’d like to celebrate their achievements, their dream of an equal society, and their efforts towards affecting not just their lives but lives of everyone around them.

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