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Here’s are some of our champions that we featured on Chaaipani, who’re here to answer your ‘how’ of change.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” ~Joanne Kathleen Rowling

Trust a child’s innocence to embarrass you for your misgivings. But their mind questions something, when there is an anomaly they can question. Keeping that in mind, this year Earth Day Network has started an Environment and Climate Literacy Campaign, which is to ensure that by the year 2020, each and every student from Kindergarten to grade 12, graduates an environment and climate literate citizen.

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Serial entrepreneur tells us what it takes to build businesses and about his venture to keep you safe

Here’s Vikas Bagaria, a serial entrepreneur who realized about diluted outlook on safety in India and his journey of building business enterprises!

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The young man and the sea | Abhilash Tomy | National Maritime Day

Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy, took an expedition to travel the globe alone sailing through the oceans as a seafarer. We spoke to him to ask him about the lessons he learned from the vast sea to honor the National Maritime Day!

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This modern day Shravan provides tiffins to 180 abandoned elderly in Mumbai

“I still do not get how kids cannot serve their own parents, who nurtured them to make them independent, a part of the bread they earn, in the hour of need.”
~Dr. Uday Modi

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On International Women’s Day, we bring you stories 5 inspiring women who didn’t settle and are writing their own life stories!

At Chaaipani, we have had the pleasure to meet and write about some amazing women in the past couple of years. So this women’s day I’d like to celebrate their achievements, their dream of an equal society, and their efforts towards affecting not just their lives but lives of everyone around them.

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Meet Sonia, a stay-at-home working mom clocking company revenues in millions!

“Sometimes when I am on a call with my clients and my daughter calls out for me, of course, they hear her voice and ask me, ‘Are you working from home or have you brought your daughter to work?’ It leaves them wondering because they never realized a stay-at-home-mom was running the organization.”

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Banker who chose to revisit his roots, quite literally | Farmer Sankalp Sharma

“Wo kheto mein se amrood(Guavas) tod ke khaana. Not that we don’t get them in the city. But knowing that we ate it fresh and unadulterated from the farm. When we live in the city we don’t realize the food we’re consuming might be laced with poisons(pesticides or insecticides). Crops like tomatoes and chili have to be sprayed almost every week”, he says.

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A pilot, a businessman and an editor got together to make a film. And whattay beginning!

“The concept where a traveling circus, goes around entertaining people moving from place to place is one that resonated immediately with all three of us. That was it. We loved the concept traveling circus. Even the logo is a man’s feet with tiger’s print in it”

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These wonderful women are tipping and how!

“The feeling that people experience when standing on the edge of a ledge isn’t the fear of falling, its the fear that they might jump.” ~Paul Bettany, Margin Call

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Meet Boniface Prabhu, Pioneer Of Wheel Chair Tennis In India

Start a conversation about the inclusion of differently-abled with Disabilities Inclusion Act that replaced the 1993’s Disabilities Services Act, and there have been amazing efforts by people and organizations alike.

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