Making World More Body Positive, One Underwear At A Time

Let us face it. A lot of us feel ashamed of our bodies when we look at the advertising of underwear brands. Models with flawless skin, perfectly sculpted bodies, six-pack abs wearing underwear as if it were a sexual object making the most body-positive people feel under-confident about themselves. “She is so beautiful. I wish my stomach was flat too”, “I am also going to be as hot as them one day”,” I don’t look good, yaa” are some common thoughts that arise in our minds. You know what is more disturbing? Trying on the undergarment and looking at ourselves in the mirror only to realize that we are far-far away from looking like the models shown in the advertisements. We shy away from the mirror feeling disappointed.  This is what irked Abishek Elango, Gaurav Durasamy, and Vasanth Sampathkumar who went ahead to start India’s first India’s first body positive underwear company – Tailor & Circus. 

Based out of Coimbatore, these three entrepreneurs initially started with only men’s underwear but they saw a huge gap between women’s and men’s underwear section.

“Women’s underwear segment focused majorly on looking good and not on comfort in particular whereas the fabric used for men’s underwear was not as soft as that used for women’s”, says Abhishek.

After the research, they found out that women weren’t comfortable talking about their needs pertaining to undergarments and that popular undergarment brands did discrete shipping of products. This is how the trio arrived upon the idea of sexing down the concept of underwear by making it inclusive of all body types and gender-neutral in terms of patterns, colours etc. And, they did not forget to make their underwear extra comfortable, super soft, antimicrobial and stylish! Underwear is the first piece of clothing that comes in contact with our bodies. Hence, it is important and should make us comfortable, right?


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So, who models for Tailor & Circus underwears? The answer is everybody. No photoshoped bodies but real bodies.  Bodies that are of various shapes and sizes, bodies with different skin tones, bodies with stretch marks, bodies with cellulite, bodies that are different from each other, bodies that are real!

We strongly believe that everybody is sexy in their underwear if they are comfortable, mentions Abhishek, signing off.

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Chaaipani is a media platform to share, discover and act on positive, inspiring stories of people around us. Submit your story on [email protected]

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