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5 Modern Day Indian Poets That You Must Follow On Instagram!

Instagram is a home to many artists. Meet these 5 Instagram Poets and see how they change your take on life and modern poetry!
Vinati, Medha, Pratishthaa, Khawaja, Megha, and the author of this story, Yashi. Do check em out!

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Sir Roger Moore: Remembering James Bond, the quintessential English actor

Sir Roger Moore passed away at 89, fighting cancer, report his kids via twitter. The man who iconized the James Bond in our hearts for about 8 decades!

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Did you know the Big Tuesday (The Bada Mangal) is a Hindu festival started by Muslims?

Isn’t this festival a perfect example of secularism? In a world where people are growing wars on the soil that’s meant to grow flowers in the name of religion, Lucknow and a part of its history have given us a little hope to believe that maybe, just maybe, religion is meant to bring us together, and not tear each other apart.

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India’s Most Beloved Storyteller, Ruskin Bond Turns 83 Today & He is Still as Fresh as a Puff of Mountain Air. And We Know Where You Can Find Him!

Ruskin Bond, a man well endowed with a powerful imagination and endless wit turns 83 today, and we wish him a very happy birthday! Over 130 books written, the master storyteller has been a favorite in the literary world for five decades now and even today he gives young authors a good run for their money. He has also been awarded Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan in 1999 and 2014 respectively, and yet you will never see him yearn for anything, other than his freedom and simple pleasures of life that reflect clearly and dearly in the pages of his books about nature, ghosts in the hills, the glory of Garhwal Himalayas, unrequited love, life, his room on the roof, and little Indian towns.

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World’s first vagina museum is opening itself, literally!

There is a penis museum in Iceland, which is pretty cool. But there’s no vagina museum anywhere. In the whole world. There are traveling art pieces, mini galleries, and a virtual museum. but there is no place dedicated to the female anatomy.

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Remembering the late actress. Reema Lagoo, the seasoned actress of Hindi and Marathi films passed away

Reema Lagoo, a seasoned actress from the film industry, breathed her last on Wednesday night after suffering from a heart attack. The 59-year-old actress had chest pain on Wednesday and was rushed to a hospital in Andheri.

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9 things Shah Rukh Khan spoke in his TED Talk that made us want to create a listicle!

Shah Rukh Khan, the undisputedly BEST IN BOLLYWOOD gave a TED Talk on April 27, 2017 at Vancouver. In the talk, he picked anecdotes from his life and co-related it with humanity.

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Instead Of Photographing Sex Workers, This Artist Turns Her Camera Lens To Men Who Pay For It

“If aliens came to earth and tried to understand what prostitution is, they would believe it’s something that only involves naked women staying in dirty rooms. With Gentlemen’s Club, I tried to give visibility to that other half.”

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Dancing to the beats of the song that life leaves in it’s wake | Dance Movement Therapy

Renelle was born in the city of Joy, Kolkata. Growing up she excelled in academics, sports, dance, and art and crafts. She moved to Mumbai to pursue a college education and then joined Media and became a television journalist. Everything was going well for her, she had everything one could ask for, but there was someone knocking on a door inside her, an opening to a new path.

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PadmaBhushan winner C V Chandrasekhar shares how he still finds passion to dance at 82!

I got an opportunity to watch a dance performance by Mr. C. V. Chandrasekhar, 82, in a theatre in Vadodara. He performed for about an hour and half without breaks! Such performances must require utmost level of discipline, I can only assume the level of his diligence and resilience with the art form to be able to pull of such a feat at this age. His wife, Jaya Chandrasekhar, also a dancer, was supporting him by reciting classical tunes on the stage. Much to my own honor, the next day, I got a chance to interact with him personally.

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