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Riken Ngomle redefines theatre in Arunachal Pradesh

“I dream that one day Arunachali theatre will have its own space in the mention of Indian theatre,” says Riken.

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Making enemies of the un-dramatic | Raja Sen, shares his unique journey as a film critic in India

When I am working, I am working There are these young men who are critics, who I chastised recently, who went to see a film and then walked out of it and wrote in their reviews of how bad it was. You know that’s not done. Or people who are texting in the middle of a film you can’t do those things. It’s like if you are in a bad film it’s like being in a boring board meeting, you have to sit through it, you can’t not do it.

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Ranjit Chauhan and Zamarrud Mughal are reviving Urdu culture in Delhi through Jashn-e-Adab

Ranjit Chauhan and Zamarrud Mughal are two young literary activists and well-known names in Delhi’s Urdu circle who are organizing the Jashn-e-Adab which celebrated Urdu literature and poetry. Urdu as a language needs proponents to keep it alive. There are only a few conspicuous Urdu literary festivals in Delhi and there is certainly a need to enrich the culture space in order to revive Hindi and Urdu.

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This man has a collection of 70,000 copies of magazines and books since 1971!

At the age of 15 when most children were concerned with buying chocolates or cricket gear I decided to make use of Rs. 2. that I would get and buy newspapers and magazines. I started with “Dharmayug” and today I have a more that 70 thousand copies of different magazines and supplements since 1971.

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मज़बूत होने का मंत्र सिखाते हैं मेरे किरदार …क्योंकि हर कदम एक नई जंग है। Preeti Shenoy

महिलाओं का जीवन बहुत खूबसूरत है। बशर्ते उन्हें खुलकर जीने दिया जाए। यह उनके हित और हक़ दोनो के लिहाज़ से उचित है। जब दुनियां में ऐसा होता नहीं देखती हूं तो इस व्यवस्था को अपने लेखन में उतार देती हूं। मेरा हर वुमन केरेक्टर ज़िंदगी ख़ुद की शर्तों पर जीता है। – प्रीति शिनॉय

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कभी-कभी सिर्फ एक हां पूरा जीवन बदल देती है – अनुराधा पौडवाल से चायपानी पर चर्चा | Anuradha Paudwal

मेरे लिए तो खज़ाना हाथ लग जाने जैसा था। जब मैं रिकॉर्डिंग करने पहुंची तो दादा ने लाइव सुना और खुश होते हुए बोले – क्यों ना श्लोक तुम्हीं से गवा लिया जाए। बर्मन दादा की एक हां ने मेरे ज़िंदगी बदल कर रख दी।

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A pilot, a businessman and an editor got together to make a film. And whattay beginning!

“The concept where a traveling circus, goes around entertaining people moving from place to place is one that resonated immediately with all three of us. That was it. We loved the concept traveling circus. Even the logo is a man’s feet with tiger’s print in it”

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Battling with cancer, yet splashing colours of joy across Mumbai, here’s Kartikey Sharma for you

I want to get better, lead a normal healthy life, travel, and paint. For starters, I will paint an old ambassador that’s been lying unused at my friend’s place in Pune as soon as I’m better. I usually don’t plan that far ahead. I believe in preparing the knife rather than dream to carve, but my health has made me reconsider.

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Of pocket phone book and making a mark in Indian television & film industry – Harsh Chhaya’s story

“You know, we used to get this small diary in locals which would have phone numbers of some connected people in the Bollywood, who would connect one to more. At least that’s what the cover page said. So I bought it. Kaam kese dhundta warna?”

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Meet Boniface Prabhu, Pioneer Of Wheel Chair Tennis In India

Start a conversation about the inclusion of differently-abled with Disabilities Inclusion Act that replaced the 1993’s Disabilities Services Act, and there have been amazing efforts by people and organizations alike.

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