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Dancing to the beats of the song that life leaves in it’s wake | Dance Movement Therapy

Renelle was born in the city of Joy, Kolkata. Growing up she excelled in academics, sports, dance, and art and crafts. She moved to Mumbai to pursue a college education and then joined Media and became a television journalist. Everything was going well for her, she had everything one could ask for, but there was someone knocking on a door inside her, an opening to a new path.

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PadmaBhushan winner C V Chandrasekhar shares how he still finds passion to dance at 82!

I got an opportunity to watch a dance performance by Mr. C. V. Chandrasekhar, 82, in a theatre in Vadodara. He performed for about an hour and half without breaks! Such performances must require utmost level of discipline, I can only assume the level of his diligence and resilience with the art form to be able to pull of such a feat at this age. His wife, Jaya Chandrasekhar, also a dancer, was supporting him by reciting classical tunes on the stage. Much to my own honor, the next day, I got a chance to interact with him personally.

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Life of a playwright – Saattvic’s story | Everest

“The hope is once my script gets finished someone likes it enough to pick it up and produce it so I’m writing the first draft. I expect at least a couple of months before I have a final draft that I can send out to a few people and then fingers crossed to see where that leads.”

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Meet Pradnya – the one-woman army trying to make Sanskrit fun

Sanskrit is not just another language but an integral part of Indian culture. The fact that most students opt for it to skip Hindi or see it just as a scoring subject and don’t pursue it after the mandatory 2-3 years is disheartening. There is a lot of history in the language which if taught correctly will evoke interest and branch out as a discipline by itself.

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Riken Ngomle redefines theatre in Arunachal Pradesh

“I dream that one day Arunachali theatre will have its own space in the mention of Indian theatre,” says Riken.

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Making enemies among the un-grammatical | Raja Sen, shares his unique journey as a film critic in India

When I am working, I am working There are these young men who are critics, who I chastised recently, who went to see a film and then walked out of it and wrote in their reviews of how bad it was. You know that’s not done. Or people who are texting in the middle of a film you can’t do those things. It’s like if you are in a bad film it’s like being in a boring board meeting, you have to sit through it, you can’t not do it.

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Ranjit Chauhan and Zamarrud Mughal are reviving Urdu culture in Delhi through Jashn-e-Adab

Ranjit Chauhan and Zamarrud Mughal are two young literary activists and well-known names in Delhi’s Urdu circle who are organizing the Jashn-e-Adab which celebrated Urdu literature and poetry. Urdu as a language needs proponents to keep it alive. There are only a few conspicuous Urdu literary festivals in Delhi and there is certainly a need to enrich the culture space in order to revive Hindi and Urdu.

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This man has a collection of 70,000 copies of magazines and books since 1971!

At the age of 15 when most children were concerned with buying chocolates or cricket gear I decided to make use of Rs. 2. that I would get and buy newspapers and magazines. I started with “Dharmayug” and today I have a more that 70 thousand copies of different magazines and supplements since 1971.

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Preeti Shenoy – मज़बूत होने का मंत्र सिखाते हैं मेरे किरदार …क्योंकि हर कदम एक नई जंग है।

महिलाओं का जीवन बहुत खूबसूरत है। बशर्ते उन्हें खुलकर जीने दिया जाए। यह उनके हित और हक़ दोनो के लिहाज़ से उचित है। जब दुनियां में ऐसा होता नहीं देखती हूं तो इस व्यवस्था को अपने लेखन में उतार देती हूं। मेरा हर वुमन केरेक्टर ज़िंदगी ख़ुद की शर्तों पर जीता है। – प्रीति शिनॉय

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कभी-कभी सिर्फ एक हां पूरा जीवन बदल देती है – अनुराधा पौडवाल से चायपानी पर चर्चा | Anuradha Paudwal

मेरे लिए तो खज़ाना हाथ लग जाने जैसा था। जब मैं रिकॉर्डिंग करने पहुंची तो दादा ने लाइव सुना और खुश होते हुए बोले – क्यों ना श्लोक तुम्हीं से गवा लिया जाए। बर्मन दादा की एक हां ने मेरे ज़िंदगी बदल कर रख दी।

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