This modern day Shravan provides tiffins to 180 abandoned elderly in Mumbai

“I still do not get how kids cannot serve their own parents, who nurtured them to make them independent, a part of the bread they earn, in the hour of need.”
~Dr. Uday Modi

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A teacher leading his kids to empower a community in Yerwada towards Water Conservation

If you listen carefully, that’s a sound that’s not so uncommon across the community taps of Yerwada. Despite being a community that suffers the most in terms of disproportionate water supply, the dwellers of Yerwada seem unaware of the pressing need of water conservation.

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Banker who chose to revisit his roots, quite literally | Farmer Sankalp Sharma

“Wo kheto mein se amrood(Guavas) tod ke khaana. Not that we don’t get them in the city. But knowing that we ate it fresh and unadulterated from the farm. When we live in the city we don’t realize the food we’re consuming might be laced with poisons(pesticides or insecticides). Crops like tomatoes and chili have to be sprayed almost every week”, he says.

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राजनीति में युवाओ की भागीदारी से ही परिवर्तन होगा | Rajpal Singh Rathore

किसान के बेटे राजपाल को बचपन से ही देशप्रेम की शिक्षा मिली। बचपन में एक बार वे रेलवे प्लेटफॉर्म पर सुविधा घर में अधिक पैसे लेने पर विरोध जता चुके हैं।
वे कहते हैं कि सुविधा घर संचालक तयशुदा पैसे से अधिक वसूलते थे। । उन्होंने देने से मना किया। मामला स्टेशन मास्टर के पास पहुंचा। नन्हें राजपाल ने जब असलियत बताई तो मास्टर ने संचालक को फटकार लगाई।

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This earthquake survivor from Gujarat shares her story after sixteen years. And it is so inspiring!!

They decided to amputate my right hand but again there was a problem as the doctor said that he won’t be able to give anesthesia to me and would have to cut the hand without giving any local anesthesia. I said go ahead I will bear the pain but just take me out. And the next thing I saw was a team of doctors and rescue team tied a tightrope on my hand and amputated my hand with a big knife and I can’t even express the pain I went through.

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From guarding the borders of the nation to the gates of an apartment – Watchman Ram Vilas Singh!

“I carry the lessons I learned while in defense with me, and have nothing but those to pass on to my family – life is a march, and the only direction you should move, is onwards.”

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13 year old from a shelter home shares what it takes to stay happy. And it’s pretty simple!

A 13-year-old Harshul from a shelter home in Delhi has every reason to be disheartened but she is teaching everyone around her the power of positivity

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Meet Boniface Prabhu, Pioneer Of Wheel Chair Tennis In India

Start a conversation about the inclusion of differently-abled with Disabilities Inclusion Act that replaced the 1993’s Disabilities Services Act, and there have been amazing efforts by people and organizations alike.

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Would you join us to support the Yoddha who empowered many to give a befitting fight against cancer?

A 28-year-old Rahul, was about to embark on a new journey in a new home, a new job in Societe Generale in Bangalore after a stint at HCL, with his wife stepping into new married life.

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These professors chose practical learning over textbooks and their students are loving it!

In the examination hall, the students eagerly open the question paper. Design a question paper based on what you have learnt this semester.

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