Kochi metro employs 1000 women and 23 transgender; to break barriers for more

PM Narendra Modi lauded the new Kochi Metro for its special attention to ensuring transgender people are active in the operation of its rail network

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Happee start to ending modern slavery in fashion industry

Slavery in the fashion world can appear in a variety of forms from harvesting the cotton for a t-shirt, spinning the yarn, sewing the garment to modeling the final product. The difference between slavery and extreme labor exploitation can be vague and the fashion industry walks a fine line.

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Swatantra Talim – An after-school all of us wish we studied at!

This school is innovative, unusual, progressive and inclusive. It lets you make mistakes and lets you dream with eyes wide open!

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What is Paris Climate agreement and why everyone scrolling social media sites should care about it

The USA has officially walked out of the Paris Climate Agreement. On this highly regressive event, we bring you a condensed article about everything you should know about the Paris Climate Agreement with an answer to every ‘why you should care about’

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Women in the red light

We bring you some inspiring stories of women in the red light – sex workers and daughters, who have gone beyond to live their dreams and ambitions.

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The First Bicycle Mayor of India. Mission to Involve One-third population to commute using cycles!

So when Nikita Lalwani told me she was appointed the Bicycle Mayor of Vadodara (the first and only city mayor from India) by Cycle Space’s Bicycle Mayor Program to attend the first bicycle mayor conference Netherlands, I was all up to help her get there, for these people will inspire the next billion people to pick up cycle around the globe.

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How can we harness the best potential of children? Story of Kshamtalaya

If you’re just out of school, the following will happen. If you’re a working professional, you’re might or might not be struggling with this. And if you’re neither of the above, you’re where Vivek Kumar is today. No, not physically, mentally. Satiated to have found the sweet spot in your work.

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A tribute to the Water Activist legend of traditional methods of water conservation — Anupam Mishra

Anupam Mishra stood by the belief that traditional water bodies are the crucial part of many villages and towns in India even today. Their work serves as a guide to organize, face, and tackle the current water crisis in the country.

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France. Michigan. India. The Ban wave of plastic. Ban on Ban of Plastic.

32% of seventy eight million tons of plastic packaging finds it’s way into the oceans. According to Science Journal, India is 12th largest in 20 countries who annually dump a total 83% of total 8.8 million tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans.

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Prakash academy – lighting up lives of young children of Bihar

Education is a cause that deserves more attention than anything. The state of schools in rural hinterlands of India is dismal, to say the least. The same came to the notice of Pramod whenever he came back to his village in holidays from his job in Tanzania.

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