Holy Cow!

Pink Revolution in India – A perspective on economy, climate change and cattle wealth

In our cattle wealthy nation, the concept of Pink Revolution was introduced by then government in 1996. Here’s some fact check on policy and politics.

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Veganism Ousting Desi Cows?

Vegan, veganism and everything around that. Because at the end of the day, what you chose on your plate and in your glass will decide the fate of the world.

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Sugar, spice and everything nice – Panchgavya to cure disease, help with organic farming

Panchgavya is believed to prolong one’s lifespan, act as an energizer and also provide physical strength. It is of vital importance in organic farming too.

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What India should know about Desi Cows, whatever be the political/food preference

There is a reason why we are bringing this now. Now, when cows have been reduced to nothing but a political bait. This and 9 more posts is an effort to bring back attention to where it must – the benefits and importance of cows in India’s ecosystem.

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