What is Environmental and Climate Literacy? Hear it from Mallika who’s seen it’s effects first hand in Antarctica

Being climate literate means understanding the essential principles of the Earth’s climate system, communicating about climate and climate change effectively and making informed and responsible decisions with regard to actions that may affect the climate.It was through my fellowship and interaction with my students that I understood the importance of climate change education. Children have a high ability to absorb information, they are able to spread information and not to forget – they are the leaders of tomorrow. It only makes sense to include them in the process of fighting against climate change and finding solutions.

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Here’s are some of our champions that we featured on Chaaipani, who’re here to answer your ‘how’ of change.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” ~Joanne Kathleen Rowling

Trust a child’s innocence to embarrass you for your misgivings. But their mind questions something, when there is an anomaly they can question. Keeping that in mind, this year Earth Day Network has started an Environment and Climate Literacy Campaign, which is to ensure that by the year 2020, each and every student from Kindergarten to grade 12, graduates an environment and climate literate citizen.

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Ushering peace and civic sense: Dr. Gora Trivedi’s ongoing No Horn Movement is gathering momentum

The newly married Gora Trivedi had a special plan for the first weekend after her marriage. Sunday evening she’d be chilling out on Race Course, the must-visit Sunday spot for Rajkotians. Of course, her plan for chilling out was a tad different – for an hour in the evening, she’d stand with a placard that loudly said, “No Horn Please!”.

Professor, trained lawyer, public speaker, writer. And of course social activist. That’s Prof Dr. Gora Trivedi.

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On World Water Day, we bring you stories of 5 people who are working tirelessly to tackle the Water Crisis in India

Today is World Water Day. The United Nations observes the day of 22nd March every year to address and spread awareness about global water crisis, and at the same time urge people to take action towards finding solutions. This year’s theme for World Water Day is Waste Water.

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A teacher leading his kids to empower a community in Yerwada towards Water Conservation

If you listen carefully, that’s a sound that’s not so uncommon across the community taps of Yerwada. Despite being a community that suffers the most in terms of disproportionate water supply, the dwellers of Yerwada seem unaware of the pressing need of water conservation.

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In a massive reforestation campaign, Pakistan province plants 750 million trees!

The $300 million initiative is reportedly being funded by the Pakistani government, as well as illegal funds confiscated from timber mafia members.

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After twelve years of research, this man is recycling tonnes of plastic every year to make bikes!

After twelve years of research and development, Uruguayan designer Juan Muzzi patented the world’s first bike made entirely out of recycled plastic.

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Banker who chose to revisit his roots, quite literally | Farmer Sankalp Sharma

“Wo kheto mein se amrood(Guavas) tod ke khaana. Not that we don’t get them in the city. But knowing that we ate it fresh and unadulterated from the farm. When we live in the city we don’t realize the food we’re consuming might be laced with poisons(pesticides or insecticides). Crops like tomatoes and chili have to be sprayed almost every week”, he says.

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This village in Rajasthan celebrates birth of a girl child in a unique way. Know how!

In India, the birth of a girl is considered an unfortunate responsibility because of the dowry system that puts financial stress on the parents’ future.

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Green-tinted glass: What can India learn from Iceland’s clean vision?

Through sustainable farming, business and innovation, Iceland has the potential to become a completely sustainable nation from which others can learn.

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