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Making enemies of the un-dramatic | Raja Sen, shares his unique journey as a film critic in India

When I am working, I am working There are these young men who are critics, who I chastised recently, who went to see a film and then walked out of it and wrote in their reviews of how bad it was. You know that’s not done. Or people who are texting in the middle of a film you can’t do those things. It’s like if you are in a bad film it’s like being in a boring board meeting, you have to sit through it, you can’t not do it.

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Ranjit Chauhan and Zamarrud Mughal are reviving Urdu culture in Delhi through Jashn-e-Adab

Ranjit Chauhan and Zamarrud Mughal are two young literary activists and well-known names in Delhi’s Urdu circle who are organizing the Jashn-e-Adab which celebrated Urdu literature and poetry. Urdu as a language needs proponents to keep it alive. There are only a few conspicuous Urdu literary festivals in Delhi and there is certainly a need to enrich the culture space in order to revive Hindi and Urdu.

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On International Women’s Day, we bring you stories 5 inspiring women who didn’t settle and are writing their own life stories!

At Chaaipani, we have had the pleasure to meet and write about some amazing women in the past couple of years. So this women’s day I’d like to celebrate their achievements, their dream of an equal society, and their efforts towards affecting not just their lives but lives of everyone around them.

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Meet this Delhi girl who is kicking patriarchy in sports, one game at a time! | Tanvie Hans

In 2013 after returning to London she made it to three club’s open trials that she had applied for. She got into Tottenham Hotspurs Women’s FC. The competition was massive indeed and she continued to strive hard. Tanvie Hans is a forward and plays multiple offensive positions.

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