We party on birthdays, why shy away from Mother’s Day. It’s a reason to celebrate.

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The thing about Mother’s Day is every year there are two kinds of things we see around, one people criticizing the fact that we celebrate mothers only on this one day and the other faction posting selfies with their mums on their chosen platforms. I would call neither of them wrong. The fact is it’s like birthdays, you have them every year still you celebrate them. We need a reason to be happy or make others happy, so as humans we set different systems in place to give us the right kind of nudge.

So, if someone asks me as to who I think is the most beautiful creation of this Universe, I’d have to say, mothers! One moment she’d be angry and as soon as we have a sad expression, she’d melt. The thing is they want what’s best for us. Duh! So they have a soft and strong side in the same setup.

Here’s a little comic emotion of mothers from our favorite Zakir.

And so, this mother’s say, instead of suggesting you to buy an uber cool gift for her, we at Chaaipani thought of talking to mothers (and a few people who played the role of a mom really well)  from all walks of life and asking them some genuine yet not-so-often- asked questions about their lives as moms, their kids and also, well, life.


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They cook, they clean, they work, they often let your teachers understand why you’re the most disciplined kid in this world and that you didn’t fall asleep in the class, no matter what! In a word, she’s your mom ‘Bawse’(whaddup iiSuperwomanii reference)! We’re talking about the SUPER MOMS, who often sacrifice their own dreams to raise a family. Yes, the housewives, the women with superhuman abilities to nail every damn task! The kind of confidence that they exude when they magically find your stuff that you swore you cannot find in the house, the way she puts on fake anger when you break her newly bought tea set, kisses you to sleep even when you’re a fully grown person.

So we asked, Mamta Srivastava, a housewife(read Bawse) and truly a Goddess, what’s one value that she has imbibed in her kids, she answers, “I’ve always taught my children to be a good human being above everything else. If you can help others and do good in the world, you’re successful to me. The world needs good people above everything else. I think I have done a decent job raising two children who I can say are good at heart and kind to the world, and of course, I love them.” Well, there’s a mom who knows what this world really needs. Kudos to you, SUPERMOM!


Mothers Day, Mom, Yashi Srivastava

This kind of Moms really knows how to get their priorities right! We’re talking about working moms. How do they manage their personal and professional life on point will always be a mystery to us moguls because these moms are some kind of wizards straight out of Harry Potter books! Niharika, one of the wizardess, knows the sorcery behind dealing with kids, family and her work too!

So we followed her around to ask if it scares her, staying away from her kid during her office hour. She immediately replied, “ I feel scared for her all the time, and I am making a conscious effort to get rid of this habit. Forget office hours, once she got lost in a supermarket and my heart fell since we were in Netherlands and I couldn’t speak Dutch that well. After a while, I saw her happily roaming with a staff member. I There went all my stress as I ran towards her.”

Well, all moms would be nodding their heads while reading Niharika’s answer. I mean we kids do that all the time; making their hearts jump up to their throats!


Mothers Day, Mom, Yashi Srivastava

Make way for the man of the house who so effortlessly can give other moms some tough competition in raising their kids. Meet Mr. Ravi Kant Singh, a single dad who has raised three amazing kids and all so well!

When asked what separates a single dad from other dads, his reply was so witty, we literally rolled on the floor and laughed! Here’s what he had to say, “ It’s like doing Vrikshasana (balancing on a single leg) all the time. First tea of the day is the Kickstarter for the day which single dads miss every day. There is nobody to discuss Sharma ji ka ladka. Maid is the actual ruler of the house. Single dads almost have no clue what the word ‘bargain’means. Cooking often goes on hold due to no namak(salt)  or haldi( turmeric). Single dads also convince themselves that the sari given to the maid during a festival is actually a good choice. But if they shoulder double responsibilities, they get and should get double love too.”

Who is cutting those goddamn onions?

THE (Rachel Green) MOM

Mothers Day, Mom, Yashi Srivastava

Shout out to all the single moms out there who should really have a superhero movie made or book written in their honor, because dayum they really deserve it!  Meet Sangeeta Baxi, a single mom who has raised three beautiful girls, and knows how to take care of her business too. We asked her about how her life has changed as a single parent, she replied, “ From a housewife to a working lady was a major transformation for me. I ventured into a field I had no prior experience in, but I managed it and realized that I was stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. Being a single mom made me realized that you can achieve anything in life.

Being a mom it was also very difficult to stay away from her girls, say Sangeeta, so she has a tip for all single working moms, “Engage them with you for certain activities, where you get to talk to them. When we deal with a lot of things, we tend to ignore the people who are closest to us, and that’s okay with adults, but kids might feel abandoned, so, never make them feel that their problems aren’t given attention.”

This is what courage looks like, doesn’t it?

The (Hayley Dunphy) MOM

Mothers Day, Mom, Yashi Srivastava

Because sisters are a gift from heaven above! They might kill you for ruining their new sweater or feel sorry for themselves for tagging you along to her parties, but when you really need a shoulder to cry on, or to look pretty for your handsome date, sisters are your go to people! So, when we asked Vidushi, who has a younger sister, to share one tip with others big sisters who very often also play the role of a mother, here’s what she said,” Just remember you’re going to set an example for them. So whatever you do, remember they always look up to you.” Also, she has a message for her little sister, “You’re my little princess.”

The Wonder(Woman) Mom

Mothers Day, Mom, Yashi Srivastava

The one with infinite potential! Those moms who have given or a gearing up to give birth to twins, triplets, or if they’re really lucky, quadruplets! They make us wonder that how they manage to hustle harder than the rest of the world to give their little humans the best life possible! “It’s a juggling act”, says Sarika who is raising her twin daughters in the UK.  So, what’s her happiest moment with her girls? “ I guess the only possible answer is “ALL OF THEM. Every morning when they wake up and come to say good morning with a kiss and a hug, every “I love you, Mummy”, every “I don’t want you to die ever”, “I care a lot about you Mummy” and every time they show how amazing they are as human beings when they show empathy to others, makes my heart fill with so much happiness that is beyond describing.”

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Yashi is a contributer to Chaaipani. If you have a passion for telling stories, you can also get published. To start writing, log in to your account, and we'll pay you to write happy, inspiring stories.

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