Bangalore based Student Management Circle to set two world records in a day in Ahmedabad

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Most industries as well as graduates, globally, are struggling with what Diana Farell called ‘real tragedy’ in one of her interviews – Unemployability. Studies show how employers world-wide are struggling with a lack of skills among graduates of academic and vocational courses whereas, the other party involved is unable to find the right job. Internship during college is being seen and accepted as one of the solutions to the problem.

The story in India is no different. It is interesting to see how newer startups & initiatives are emerging to solve exactly this problem.

Campus Internship Fair (CIF), a pilot project of Student Management Circle (SMC) is now venturing into Ahmedabad. Initiated a year ago in Bangalore, SMC has successfully worked with 17 colleges in Bangalore and with more than 3000 students.

“Venturing into Ahmedabad was a step towards our goal- delivering our services to the Tier II cities. Working in Ahmedabad has been a learning experience. The two cities, Bangalore and Ahmedabad are quite different in their ways and mannerisms. But all in all, the goal has remained singularly the same as in Bangalore- to give opportunities to aspiring students”, says Sumedh Menon, corporate relations manager with SMC.

“Though CIF not a ‘Start-up fair’, however, we understand that is extremely important to cultivate a healthy ecosystem for start-ups and, that’s why, we are inviting startups from all over the city. We are bringing in MNCs and SMEs since most students aspire to work there”, he adds.

Ahmedabad is rapidly becoming a fertile city for newer initiatives and a well-structured ecosystem.
Sumedh shares,

“Most people we approached in Ahmedabad have turned out to be a great support to make this event happen. We’d thank Chaaipani, our official Media Partner as well as our start-up partner, 1947. Totally cannot miss thanking Viral sir from L.J Institute, our venue partner”

Companies (Corporates and startups both) can participate in the event at no cost.

What is most exciting is that the would not only be giving the students as well as intern recruiters their golden opportunity, but also attempt to create two world records:

  • 15000 participants that will proclaim this to be the largest internship fair in the world
  • Over 100 organizations participating from pan India, physically and E-hiring.

Chaaipani, in partnership with Student Management Circle, invites you all to Campus Internship Fair, 26th Feb’16 – 28th Feb’16, 9.00 AM onwards at L.J. Institute, Ahmedabad. We encourage students of all colleges to register online at the earliest. A win-win where you not only get the most important – hands-on- experience for beginning your careers, but also get to be a part of two World Records.

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