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Enjoy this moment- Slow down!

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Gandhiji once said “There is more to life than increasing its speed”

When was the last time you stopped to smell the earthy scent formed when rain falls on dry soil?

We find everyone rushing through nothing nowadays.  The rush to change jobs, the rush to visit places only to click a few pics and board the flight back without really enjoying the moment, the rush to gobble up a meal at the work desk without really relishing it.  And what is the outcome? Saving time to further get time to rush through the next task.

How foolish we human beings are.  Aren’t we?  We even might complete our so called ‘to – do’ list at the end of the day.  But eventually we are left with something else- A void that says something is missing.

This something is a feeling one gets when one hasn’t truly enjoyed the moment.

You get out of bed at the crack of dawn and before you know it, it’s already 10 pm.  You wonder how the entire day passed by in a flash.  We use technology to save time and it’s the same technology that keeps us from living the the moment.  Appreciate life and learn to live in the present.  Here are a few rules one could look forward to for a start.

Concentrate on breathing

The next time you see yourself stressing out and speeding up, stop and take a deep breath.  With each breath, you will fully feel yourself living in the present.  Inhale the fresh air and let go of all the stress that you have been accumulating.

Stop comparing

What seems to be hunky-dory outside might not really be so.  You might think how lucky your neighbour is to have got a promotion and an opportunity to work overseas.  Perhaps you do not know what he is leaving behind and the stress he is going through. So stop comparing yourself with others and tell yourself that life is going great for you.  You are where you ought to be at the moment and trust that.

Chew slowly

Who doesn’t like to eat? It’s actually the one activity that we look forward to throughout the day.  But the irony is that while eating, we are either stuffing ourselves so fast or checking our smart phones or even eating at our desks.  Before we even know it our food has been inhaled without even chewing it properly.  Eating slowly has become an art in itself.  If you chew slowly you tend to feel fuller and also satisfied.  The food will taste better and it also helps in digestion.  So go ahead, eat and chew slowly relishing the smell, taste, texture of food and enjoy your meals.

Stop trying to multi task and start single tasking

How do you think a person who seems to do everything at the same time gets work done?  -Texting on the phone, trying to catch up on a conversation, making a presentation and sending an e-mail.

Really! The person isn’t getting any work done.  People might appear to be very busy while multi-tasking but the truth is all the work seems to be half- baked.  The text will be sent with multiple errors, the conversation will be of no great value, the presentation won’t be completed and the mail will remain in the drafts folder.

Instead of trying to do several things without your full effort, concentrate on the important work and do it one at a time.



When you walk through a quite road filled with trees, flowers and shrubs, your mind will be at peace and you will be able to focus on every little thing.  But imagine a crowded street where people are working, there is pollution all around, cars are honking.  You won’t be able to focus on anything.

The same thing applies to your home and work desk.  The more organised the space is, the more fully present you will be.  Clutter takes us from the present.  So declutter by removing all the unwanted stuff and only keep the things that you need and use.

There are 24 hours in everyone’s daily life.   But it is how you view and appreciate it that matters.

Walk a step back.  Look around.  Slow down.  Live the moment.





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Sharika Nair

Uncrowned Queen of certified PJs. Positive thinker. Writer . Author. Marathon Runner. Brand Marketing expert.

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Sharika Nair

Uncrowned Queen of certified PJs. Positive thinker. Writer . Author. Marathon Runner. Brand Marketing expert.

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