On International Women’s Day, we bring you stories 5 inspiring women who didn’t settle and are writing their own life stories!

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At Chaaipani, we have had the pleasure to meet and write about some amazing women in the past couple of years. So this women’s day I’d like to celebrate their achievements, their dream of an equal society, and their efforts towards affecting not just their lives but lives of everyone around them.

Falguni Vasavda-Oza

A social media expert and a professor at MICA, she juggles several roles and make it look effortlessly easy. A daughter, a wife, a teacher, a dancer, and now a fashion blogger. She draws inspiration from her parents, a working couple, who also instilled in her the zeal to multi task.

“If not a professor, I would have been a fashion designer. I design all my clothes myself. And I love kids”, she said when we last spoke to her and here she is less than a year later with her very own blog and merchandize.

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Sonia Singal

Sonia left her job in Deloitte in Hyderabad and moved to Kolkata after she got married. But this was the sharp jolt for me when I heard how she with little support from Anurag, runs an entire organization and built from scratch no less while tending to her responsibilities as a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur, leaves you with a feeling ‘If you believe you can, you know you will, and look she has!’.

“Sometimes when I am on a call with my clients and my daughter calls out for me, of course, they hear her voice and ask me, ‘Are you working from home or have you brought your daughter to work?’ It leaves them wondering because they never realized a stay-at-home-mom was running the organization”, she says.

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Tanvie Hans

My fascination with football has been one that gives me great strength because it’s one of the team sports that is what unites the players and brings a larger population of the world together. We remember the Nike’s Da Da Ding song from last year and Tanvie was a part of the campaign and is working towards an India with better and equal opportunities for women in sports.

“While at Exeter, she realized that though she was good, she had to get better. The professionalism and competitive spirit of the girls there, motivated her to strive harder and she graduated from the second to the first team within just two weeks!”

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Reena Ngurang and Meena Ngurang

There are some stories that leave you with a heavy heart. When I met Reena in Surat she told me how women still suffer from polygamy and child marriage in areas of Arunachal. How her mother was a victim of the practice. The breath of fresh air was when she told me how she and her sister are trying to educate women and change the way things are by starting Ngurang Learning Institute.

“One of the husbands of the women came to my sister’s place with a sword and threatened to stop teaching his wife or else..”, she says in remembering an incident.

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Ekta Sandhir

She is a woman with silos full of positivity and energy. A radio jockey with one of the leading radio stations in Ahmedabad. A punjabi girl at heart she cherishes her roots and love for the music that it brings.

Bestowed with promising ideologies and learnings from her parents she tells us, “My dad once said, pehle jaguar, phir pyaar (first buy a jaguar, then fall in love)”  and parallely recalls her mother once telling her over an evening cup of tea, “shaadi jab karni hai, jisse karni” (marry whenever you want to marry, whoever you want to marry)

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This women’s day we ask you to celebrate the women in your lives, whoever you are, wherever you are, thank these amazing set of people, your mothers, sisters, wives, friends, who add substance to your life and make you who you are today.

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Chaaipani is a media platform to share, discover and act on positive, inspiring stories of people around us. Submit your story on

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