Ahmedabad-based startup develops online platform for improved patient-doctor engagement

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The world is moving to cloud. Since its inception, cloud technology is gaining its popularity in almost every sector. Healthcare, despite a staggering ratio of 7 physicians for 10,000 patients in India, shows a trend where adoption of technology has been anything but easy.  However, with the proliferation of smartphones it is predicted that it would become increasingly easier for doctors and patients to utilize the cloud. This realization struck Rajan and Bhanu, who were batch-mates at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and they decided to not let it go without being worked upon.

“Today the journey for a patient receiving any kind of medical care is quite painful and demoralizing. The idea was to provide a cloud based solution that not only eases patient medical journey, but, also empowers providers like doctors, labs, pharmacies to make their processes more robust and efficient. So just imagine that you went to a doctor, and now all you have to do is to go home and everything will be taken care of! We are making it possible through our platform”, says Rajan who along with Bhanu started up their own firm – Kivi Technologies.

Rajandeep comes from a computer science background and has worked at ST Microelectronics and Microsoft India before he joined ISB. Post his MBA, Rajan worked at Capillary Technologies until he realized the needs to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream, six months later.
Bhanu Mahajan, on the other hand has an interesting profile. After his MBBS from Jammu, Bhanu went to USA to pursue his further studies in Surgery. “I loved surgery, it’s just that I loved some other things more! I wanted to create something which impacts a wider audience, so took the leap to management”, he says satiating our curiosity to know what made a surgeon to take up entrepreneurship.

The duo began their startup stint six months after resuming jobs post ISB.
“I remember, I was literally pushed by my friends to sit for placements. I knew I wanted to do something of my own, but I wasn’t too sure”, says Bhanu Mahajan.

Talking about the platform, Rajan says, “KiviHealth has 4 major stake-holders – Doctors, Patients, Labs and Pharmacies”. The platform is providing four broad solutions and all the services are designed keeping in mind the same:

  • Healthcare discovery
  • Digitization, information capture and tracking
  • Communication between different stakeholders
  • Healthcare e-commerce

For Rajan and Bhanu, team happens to be most important partner of their business. “We had very high par for selecting our team. At DA-IICT, we selected 2 out 44 who appeared for internship for Kivi. We wanted people who loved coding and had an entrepreneurial spirit”, says Rajan.

Rajan and Bhanu intend to create a collaborative yet casual team culture. Bhanu shares an instance, “We went to one college for placements and were asked questions like – how many holidays are allowed, if there is a punching system, if the candidate has to sign a bond. We were amused, we hadn’t even thought of such questions.”

The startup which bootstrapped is also keen on receiving promising funding.

KiviHealth is also working on specialty specific apps like Diabetes, Pregnancy and Dental. These apps are highly informative and answers all the questions that patients may have pertaining to their health”, they point.

“It is difficult to change habits. Adoption of technology is one of the biggest challenges in any sector. Doctors are very comfortable with writing rather than typing, so we worked even harder to ensure that transition to digital platform is smooth. We came up with an amazing pad designed specifically for writing prescriptions. We have the software ready but we are working with an outside agency for an affordable hardware”, says Bhanu.

KiviHealth has already launched its e-commerce portal and has enrolled 4 labs, 1 pharmacy and many doctors.

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Chaaipani is a media platform to discover, share and act on positive, inspiring stories of people around us. Submit your story on contact@chaaipani.com

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