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Have you seen the yellow plate?

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You haven’t seen the yellow plate we are talking about? It is okay, we did. It belonged to somebody. We got hold of that somebody. We interviewed the somebody.

It belongs to a food blog. Now food blogs aren’t new. People’s love for food is ages old, genetic actually. You see food and you get hungry not because you have a profound passion for it but because you’re genetically programmed to do so. However, that’s not the case for everyone. Some people cross these barriers of programmed love for food and their passion leads them to places unheard of.

Himanshu Seghal is a resident of the North Campus in Delhi and the man behind “My Yellow Plate”. A Punjabi by heart and by his pallet, Himanshu loves travelling the city carrying his little yellow plate and eating off of it wherever he stops by.

“No one knows where it came from. It has been there in my house”, is what he says when I ask him what all the buzz on the yellow is all about it.

“I loved the color, it looked different and I always enjoyed eating on it”

Himanshu was speculating on starting his own social media and digital branding agency when the idea of food exploration dawned upon him.

“I had a lot of friends who had wonderful food blogs. Delhi is loaded with food bloggers but I never found anyone who genuinely focused on exploring places no one had been to, or heard about. So I decided to pick up my yellow plate, and roam the streets of delhi exploring food few would have heard of”

By this time, I am pretty excited. I love talking to people who love food. I am a Gujarati and you would have to be one to understand how profoundly we love food. Himanshu is no different when it comes to the passion for consumables. Starting from August 2015, in a short span, he has reviewed over 100 places to eat at and his most recent features are about the 7 best places to have momos at in Delhi.

Our conversation heats up when we start talking about Mumbai, the one place we’ve both been to and fell in love with when it came to the food it has to offer. From Merwan’s pastry to the Juhu beach Pav Bhaji, we continue talking about our love for the Mumbai streets when Himanshu reveals how he wishes to have an India tour with his yellow plate. 

“I want to tour the whole country and pick one dish from every state as its signature”

This is where I politely let him know that if he ever steps foot into Gujarat, he’ll have to disappoint a lot of people if he were to pick a single dish.

Himanshu is not your average food lover looking for his shot at fame. He has always been serious about eating out and about having a good time with food.

“Bad food would spoil my mood. Good food would light me. My relationship with food, right from my mom’s amazing rajma chawal, shahi paneer and shorma, to the amazing roadside chicken tikka along the streets of Delhi, has been nothing short of ecstatic”

Imitation is flattery they say, and MYP, after having gathered over 5000 followers in short a short time, also had mimics popping up around him.

“Listicles online stole my pictures and others tried copying the model but a lot of them fail to understand the fact that MYP was never only about the pictures. It was the common and uncorrupted love for food that meant so much to the followers. The ability to go beyond the conventional and truly explore new places to eat at”, he says. 

The only way one could’ve copied the model was to actually work equally hard at curating amazing places to eat at, then click great pictures and pair them up with original enticing captions, and well, that would kill the whole point of copying something.

Himanshu has evolved with MYP making it a full-fledged website now. You can visit it to look at all the mouthwatering dishes you can’t eat right now.

“To what started as an instagram account has now been turned into a website and people can expect a lot of interesting blogs going online very soon. The space of food blogging, now oversaturated with cliche bloggers needs to be innovated, I’ll try my instincts here”

I am totally looking forward to seeing him visit Ahmedabad and getting his mind royally blown by what the city has to offer.

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Parth Trivedi

Engineer, writer, coder, designer, photographer and, intellectual by day, keyboard warrior by night, loves annoying people with his OCD of keeping the world in order

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