Sugar, spice and everything nice – Panchgavya to cure disease, help with organic farming

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Posted On : June 16th, 2017
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About Panchgavya

Our present lifestyle and food habits often encourage us to explore various alternatives health products, farming methods, treatments and even rituals.  One such concoction, prepared by mixing five products – cow urine, cow dung, milk, curd, and ghee is Panchagavya.  In Sanskrit Panch means five, and gavya means cow.  Thus the name Panch Gavya. Ancient scriptures record that this ‘miracle gift’ has the power to remove all physical as well as mental disorders upon its consumption.  It is believed to prolong one’s lifespan, act as an energizer and also provide physical strength.

Ancient scriptures record that this ‘miracle gift’ has the power to remove all physical as well as mental disorders upon its consumption.  It is believed to prolong one’s lifespan, act as an energizer and also provide physical strength.

In our country where a cow is cared for, for religious reasons and abused as well, it is high time we put our minds together to see how cows actually benefit us for all the reasonable purposes.  The five elements obtained from cows to make Panchagavya have their own unique properties which make this concoction beneficial not only to humans’ health but is also used in agriculture, sustainable products and organic farming.

Preparation of Panchgavya

The preparation of Panchagavya is a long process that extends up to around 15 to 19 days.  Careful monitoring and observation are required to make it.

To ensure that the nasty smell is covered, other products have to be added on to the five basic ingredients.  The products that have to be used are:

Cow milk- 2 liters

Cow curd- 2 liters

Cow dung- 5kg

Cow Ghee- ½ kg

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Jaggery – 500 gm in 3 liters of water

Tender coconut water – 3 liters

Ripe banana- 12 numbers

The ingredients have to be added to a wide-mouthed pot.  It could be concrete or plastic as well.  First mix the fresh dung and cow ghee in the container.  It has to be stirred twice a day both in the morning and evening for 3 days. On the fourth day, the remaining ingredients have to be added and the mixture has to be stirred twice a day for the next 15 days.  The Panchagavya solution will be ready to use on the 19th day.

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Care should be taken while stirring it.  It should be kept in the shade and covered at all times to prevent insects from laying eggs in it.  Cover the mixture with a wire mesh or plastic mosquito net.

As the days pass by, in case the solution thickens, water must be added as required.

Benefits of Panchgavya

Here are a few benefits of each component used in Panchagavya to cure diseases.

Cow Urine: It has been proved worldwide that cow urine can cure numerous diseases.  Diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, thyroid, asthma to name a few.

Cow milk: One can’t explain enough as to how cow milk is unique w.r.t its nutritional value. The Indian cow produces A2 quality milk which strengthens the digestive system.  It doesn’t have any side effects and nourishes all the tissues.

Ghee: Cow ghee has proven to remove all the impurities in the body since times immemorial.  It is considered best for an ideal diet when consumed in the right quantity. It also helps to maintain the cholesterol level in the body.

Cow curd: According to Ayurveda, cow curd enhances digestion and strengthens the immune system.  It helps set an irritable bladder right.  People who drink buttermilk derived from cow curd have a very strong immune system.

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Cow dung: The juice of cow dung which is obtained by filtering dung with a very thin cotton cloth is called Gomaye.  It is beneficial in the treatment of joint and neck pains and relieves one of respiratory ailments.  It is also used in beauty products and oils.  Gomaye is used to clean the surroundings as well.

Panchagavya is recommended for all crops and is also an elixir for animals.  It contains a lot of microbes that add life to the soil.

In the 21st century where unmonitored eating habits, stress, and unorganized routines have overruled us, remedies such as Panchagavya have become the last resort to overcome diseases.  People have moved away from allopathic treatments to treatments such as these.  Panchgavya which is also referred to as cowpathy treatment is very economical and environment-friendly as well.  With all its benefits and medicinal values, it is sure to play a very important role in several sectors in the years to come.

We will be bringing you more informative articles on cows and the entire ecosystem around them in next few days. You could also join us at National Conference on The Glorious Indian Cow being held at Bombay Stock Exchange on 18th June. Details for which can be found by registering here.

Note: Holy Cow! is a campaign sponsored by VHS, an independent organization, for its project with grassroots communities to promote sustainable agricultural practices. Chaaipani has full editorial discretion on the content and has no political association.

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