Meet these three young turks from Bangalore who will add a creative splash to your communications

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When I first interviewed Mr. Vikas Jaiswal, I could hardly contain my excitement. This man, to start with, is a communications Guru! It was only apparent what he chose to do and why.

This is the story of three year old Pichkaari., the design studio that applies design thinking for brands on communication platforms draped in hues that add meaning.

“We were colleagues. Sebastian and I,” Vikas said, referring to his the then peer and now co-founder, Sebastian Jacob.

“We worked as user experience designers and we collaborated on a lot of projects together. And that is how we actually met the third co-founder, Priyanka Jain. She offered us her deep insight in Design as we bonded and worked much more. She completed our team. With time, we realized the utter imbalance in effective communication between target audience and clients. And that’s exactly when we found our calling and decided to start Pichkaari.”

Pichkaari is all about media, advertising and communications. They focus on Design Thinking to apply intelligence in all processes they create. It is a communication boutique, where people and businesses get to express their ideas to the target audience through interesting and innovative formats.

“As part of my professional experience, I have faced many situations, to my utter dismay, where there exists a colossal management crisis for churning out effective communication. From vendor hassles to the absence of an internal corporate communications team, the reasons run long,” says Vikas explaining the need for a clearer method of communication.

Our business objective is to help people communicate better. Through intriguing designs, a compelling copy and creative ideas that are centred on a communication strategy, we bridge the gap between dreams and reality.”

On asking why they named the website Pichkaari.com, he said,

“We love how India’s heritage is interlaced with. Pichkaari was the right fit for the name because it is quirky and signifies splashes of thoughts, ideas, and also talks about giving life to the mundane black-and-white world of corporate.”

Pichkaari is not just about getting the message across. It takes great pride in delighting its clients.

“We provide our clients with an experience that is useful, usable and differentiated. It has been an exceptional boon for us to be in the company of gifted designers, copywriters, developers and animators, who bond with us with groundbreaking brainstorming. Apart from the core team, we work with interns, consultants and freelancers who add a lot of value to what we do. Our working principle places the customer first and then we work backwards on how to deliver more than what has been promised. We rejoice our deep attachment for our clients, a connection which lets us tell the world what the heart already knows. We love to dig below the surface and are proud to boast of a work culture where excitement meets a sense of purpose.”

What really differentiates Pichkaari.com from other communication houses is the flexibility with which it works. They expand, recede and stretch in multiple ways to fit into the client’s frame. Being adaptive to change is what the Communication Design Studio believes in.

“I remember the first assignment that we worked on. It was on creating ads for an employee engagement initiative. We conducted a detailed survey on all possible procedures involved and did not miss one detail of our first client’s operations. Such in-depth analysis proved to be invaluable information for the campaign as our creatives mobilized a substantial change in employee participation.”

In the path of following one’s dream one has to overcome fear, struggle on it but the zeal should be to make things happen because you are what you do. With Pichkaari too, things have not been a bit different.

“We believe in not settling for what is just comfortable but is flawless, as we had imagined. As word spread we found ourselves working for way more additional clients. It was surely a time when expectation had to be met reality. The biggest challenge was though, denial for compromising on quality. What really makes me happy today is that we did, and we did it real good. We haven’t let our struggles as a start-up get in the way of our performance. We have been through crests and troughs and have attained the maturity to expand our services to suit into any communication requirement that a brand has.”

With the passion to design and the zeal to excel at what they do, Pichkaari has recently seen a lot of developments with expansions into fields of Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Promotional Videos, and it only speaks volumes about the success of this Communication Design Studio.

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A story by Khevana Shah.

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