‘What is Republic Day’, she Google-ed.

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Posted On : January 26th, 2016
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‘What is Republic Day’, she Google-ed.
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I was on my way to Surat from Ahmedabad. I woke up from my short nap to a Gayatri Mantra ringtone buzzing in a phone that belonged to this lady sitting next to me. In the middle of high-pitched noises of wailing kids and chattering women, I managed to eavesdrop a conversation between my two fellow passengers.

The middle-aged man, who looked like someone who comes from the clan of Economic Times readers, tried to strike a conversation with a young lady sitting next to him, who had just typed ‘What is Republic Day, Script for Republic Day’ in the Google search bar.

“What are your views on independence?”, he asked beginning the conversation.

“Living life on my own terms”, she replied.

“Interesting. What do your parents want you to be?”

“Never bothered to know. Aur kya farak padta hai? It is my life, I am supposed to decide what I want to be”

The conversation ended there. After some hours, the man figured that he was about to reach his destination when he turned towards the lady and said,

“I am not sure if you are aware, your father and I are good friends. He came to me the other day to loan some money to finance your aspirations. No wonder you have no idea what Republic Day is just like you have no idea about your parent’s sacrifices for you. By the way, today is Republic Day”

She whatever-ed.

Youngsters today are enjoying their freedom of speech and actions without knowing where it comes from. Well, this above mentioned ignorance not only disrespected the significance of this day but also highlighted the undone sole responsibility of the citizens. It all begins at home.
Jai Hind.

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