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Tina- A Slum Girl On Her Journey To Becoming A Doctor

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The roads were messed up, the rains were heavy and Namdev was on duty, driving his way through the heavy traffic. It was an ordinary Bombay day, if you may say so but not for Namdev. The result of his hard work was to be declared…His daughter Tina’s tenth board result was to be out. What is so great about some result coming out, right? You might want to ask this question to Tina and her family of 5 more people who all live in a small room in the slums of Versova. 10 feet by 6 feet, to be precise.

Tina’s father Namdev Rajaram Aherkar is a driver who happily works day and night for his family. Her mother, Meena Namdev Aherkar is a maid and a housemaker. Together, they work hard and manage to keep their family afloat in this expensive city. In today’s time, we very well know that every dream has a cost. Tina too has a dream. She wants to become a doctor. And, becoming a doctor involves hard work, persistence, sincerity and…a strong financial assistance. Tina had the fire. A fire that was restless and ambitious, waiting to transform into a beautiful flame of glory.

Tina’s parents decided to support her dream. Getting a good percentage in class tenth was one of the baby steps that had to be taken care of. Hence, Tina joined a coaching institute and was under the mentorship of Arun Shankar Sable whom she fondly calls, ‘Sir ji.’  Tina now had to prove herself and was ready to burn the midnight oil. Her routine involved waking up at 4 am every day, studying, going to school, coming back, helping with the household work, eating her meal and then going for her tuition.

Once Tina late for her coaching and she was asked by her Sir ji, Arun to stand outside the class as punishment.

“I made her stand outside. She started crying and that’s when I saw how sincere and driven Tina was.

Education is much more than bookish knowledge, it is much more than that.”

Tina’s parents had taken help from their friends to manage her fee and expense. If Tina had put in her efforts and hard work, they too had slogged with her. And, finally the day was here. Namdev was on duty, driving when the cell phone in his pocket vibrated. It was Tina. Anxious and excited, he parked the car and picked up her call. A second’s silence and then there were shrieks of joy.

   “Paa, I scored 91%”

Tina had done it. Namdev had done it. Meena had done it. It was a day to be celebrated. The entire chaul was rejoicing the success of Tina and her family. Tina’s dream of becoming a doctor will gradually become a reality. Tina’s father believes in her now more than ever.

“I will work day and night to fulfill her dreams. There is no stopping her.”

Tina’s little brother proudly says,

” I am very proud that she is my sister. She will become a doctor and I know it.”


Tina has got admission in Bhavan’s College, Mumbai and will be pursuing Science.

If you are as inspired by Tina’s hard work as we are, you can further make a small contribution to fund her education. No dream should be sacrificed because of money. Go on this link:


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