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About Us

Chaaipani is a digital media platform to discover, share and act on positively inspiring stories around us. It is an initiative to bring communities together to do good, using powerful storytelling- connecting communities, enabling collaborations and bringing about positive change.

Chaaipani was started by Shruti Chaturvedi in August of 2015, as a one-year blogging project to live her hobby of storytelling before embarking on a conventional journey of MBA — job — marriage — kids — job. However, half-way through it, her story took its twists (fortunately!) and so did that of Chaaipani’s. And in no time, the one-year project by a 22 year old turned into a well-known platform celebrating inspirational & positive stories of people who are making our world a better place to live in. Since then, Chaaipani has featured over 400 stories celebrating the emotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, art & culture and social change.

We run on a clear vision: To cut through the noise of negativity sprawling and delight you with stories that inspire. And it isn’t easy. The sheer volume of Internet chatter around Which Big Boss personality are you, cute cat videos, sensational boobslips, and the like still vastly outnumbers conversations around discovery made by a team of scientists, an innovative jugaad that can solve sanitation problems for a million rural dwellers, a student startup aspiration building in a hostel dorm, etc.

Everyday, we scout the internet and human libraries around us to find compelling, meaningful stories, information and ideas that add value to your time spent on the internet. We are now a team of 8, sipping on Chaai, trying to dig inspiration out of the most ordinary lives. At Chaaipani, we are driven by a singular passion of having meaningful conversations and making worthy stories reach out to the people who’d love to hear. We are constantly learning and improving. We’d love to know about your feedback, leads and suggestions at [email protected]


Contact and Connect

You can always reach Chaaipani team by emailing [email protected] or tweeting at @chaaipani. We’re eager to hear from you, read all of our correspondence, and try to respond quickly.

Chaaipani on Social Media

We are kind of fun on the social media! You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn. We use social media to connect with users, link to our latest stories, and point you to resources from around the Web.

If you’re having trouble with the site

We’re relatively new, and we are constantly building and improving. Please report bugs and other technical issues you may have with Chaaipani to [email protected]


Members of the press can email to [email protected] for more information.


To license Chaaipani articles for republication in print or digital formats, please email [email protected]


For inquiries about advertising on Chaaipani, please email [email protected] .


We’re currently hiring for a number of positions across editorial, technology, sales, marketing, communications, and events. If you see yourself fitting in our crazy, chaotic endeavour of building a platform that can make lives happy, feel free to drop us a word on [email protected]


Chaaipani Events

Kitli Conversation is a no-agenda meet-up, conceptualised with the aim to foster conversations, giving everyone an opportunity to inspire others through stories.

At Kitli, people exchange stories and ideas, not business cards. If you wish to attend, please register yourself here: This is an invite-only event, to be attended by not more than 30 attendees at a time. For any queries, speaker recommendations, sponsorship and partnership, contact on [email protected]


Meet The Team

Coming Soon.


Advertising with Chaaipani

The finances of online media have made it a challenge for some media outlets to preserve editorial independence from commercial pressures. Here is an outline of Chaaipani’s business model and the measures it takes to maintain its integrity:

Advertising Guidelines

General Advertising Guidelines

All determinations of the application of the foregoing standards to particular advertisements or advertisers shall be within the sole discretion of Chaaipani business-side staff. Chaaipani’s editors will not be involved in deciding whether to accept or reject specific advertisers. If you wish to get in touch with us for digital advertising, feel free to get in touch with [email protected]